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Hello! Have a look around. All the important links and information you might need are below. Do yourself a favour and bookmark this page on your phone for easy access. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions 😉


Welcome to the team! Please fill out the New Employee Information form to be added to our system. 
Click here to fill out the New Employee form.
Don’t forget to complete the tax forms below and send them to along with your direct deposit information.

Please use this timesheet to submit your hours each evening. If you do not see your name in the drop down menu, please ensure you have completed the New Employee Information form and contact administration. 
Click for Timesheet Form


The Employee Incident Report form is for submitting the details of employee related issues or incidents. 
Click for Incident Report

Please submit your expense receipts for approval and reimbursement via this link. All original paper receipts should be given to Carlie as well.
Click for Expense Report

02 SUMMER 2023

The End-of-Day report should be submitted at the end of each shift when you submit your hours (2-in-1 form). It sends us information on supply levels, equipment needs, and lets you submit gas receipts. This is also where you can document any incidents or customer complaints that occur during your shift. 
Timesheet + End-of-Day Form

Snow Route Info & Optimized Routes


Access URL:

Usernames: (Charleswood) (Kensington) (Main)


Our Cash Hands have their own information page which includes what to wear, bring, and how to sign up and submit their hours.

Please take the time to familiarize yourself with the info on there and save the link somewhere easily accessible for times you need to share this information.
Click here for the Cash Hands Info

Feel free to complete our machine skills assessment. 
Click for here


Call or text 403-512-8289 if you have any questions.

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