Choose your Contractor Carefully

Contractor fraud is a growing problem these days

Contractor fraud is an illegal act committed by a contractor involving the misrepresentation to a customer of services to be performed. It often occurs when an individual promises upgrades for prices that are either below or substantially higher than market prices. The work is usually substandard, unnecessary or the contractor may have no intention of completing the work. 

One of the simplest ways to do your due diligence is to request proof of the following documents shown here.

These documents are simple ways to provide yourself with peace of mind and recourse should a contractor not follow through or try to take your deposit and flee. A chunk of our business comes directly from being called in to take over for fraudulent contractors. 

Whether you choose to work with us or a different company, our goal here is to help people understand how to protect themselves and what they should look for in a solid contractor. 

Alberta legislation states contractors may not ask for ANY money until the work is done unless they have an up to date Prepaid Contractor’s License with the Province of Alberta.


5 million in liability insurance is best as it’s the hardest to obtain as a contractor.

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